Top 20 Argumentative Essay Topics Worth Discussing

We all have to deal with writing argumentative essays at all points of time. You need to work as hard as you can to get the best essay in your class. For that choosing right topic is of utmost importance as well. You have to think about all the ways so that you can be the first one to submit it in your class. For that you have to be quite super active and be attentive towards your homework and assignments.

What if you are not? There are many consequences like parent’s call or it may even significantly reduce your marks in exams. Well you can be an average student but you always have to try and think about ways how to come up to be the best argumentative topic.

20 argumentative essay topics worth discussing:

  1. What are your thoughts about death penalty?

  2. The election process that we have is fair or not- what do you think?

  3. Mock test in colleges actually burden the youth a lot. What are your opinions?

  4. What is your idea about torture and what do you think about it with respect to modern society?

  5. Men should also get paternal leave from office- what are your thoughts?

  6. What is your idea about lottery?

  7. What are your ideas about the taxation system that we have in your country? Do you think it is right?

  8. Curfews do keep teens away from many misdeeds so it should be afflicted in many places.

  9. What are your thoughts about cheating and how shall it be restricted and taken care of?

  10. Are we getting too dependent on technology and that is going to be quite painful for our future?

  11. What are the thoughts you have about a child on the internet?

  12. Should diets be made a governmental law?

  13. Should there be a rule to allow animals be used in government test centres?

  14. What are your thoughts about banning smoking of cigarettes in public and how to handle that?

  15. Are we now all cell phone oriented throughout our days?

  16. Law enforcement cameras in classrooms are the new technology. Do you think it is an invasion to the teacher’s privacy?

  17. Test scores should be something that should be hanged in school’s merit list.

  18. What are your thoughts about the orthodoxy of the society?

  19. Is the new generation much more callous?

  20. The divorce of parents affect the mentality of the children a lot- what do you think about it?

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