25 Cause and Effect Essay Topics: a List of Brilliant Thoughts

Sometimes, you can find yourself stuck when you were assigned cause and effect essay, but your teacher didn’t give you a topic to write about. This type of paper will require you to study an event or a problem and track its consequences. If you’re having troubles with your cause and effect essay, try to brainstorm some ideas without thinking how relevant they are. Posing your topic in a form of a question can help you as well. In this case, you will have to simply answer it, and your paper is done. You can also use the list of brilliant thoughts designed by Thesisrush.com thesis service to come up with a really good cause and effect essay topic:

  1. How does poor time management influence one’s grades?

  2. How does sharing a home before getting married affect couples?

  3. The effects of a long distance relationship.

  4. How does being a twin affect a person?

  5. The effects of having wealthy parents on a teenager’s life.

  6. How does consuming junk food affect one’s energy level in the long run?

  7. The effects of having multiple social media accounts on one’s communicative skills.

  8. The effects of video gaming on a person’s reacting skills.

  9. How does the development of technology affect the world economy?

  10. How does spending holidays together influence the atmosphere in a family?

  11. What are the effects of consuming genetically modified food on people’s weight?

  12. How does growing up poor influence the person’s further chances of building a good career?

  13. How does using a tablet instead of a PC affect one’s communication patterns?

  14. What are the effects of using credit cards instead of cash money?

  15. How does being able to shop without going out influence the amount of money people spend on average?

  16. What are the effects of modern beauty standards on teenagers’ self-perception?

  17. How does cheating in class instead of learning affect one’s career prospects?

  18. How does homeschooling influence child’s social skills?

  19. What effects does being raised by grandparents have on a person?

  20. Is there a correlation between going to college and having a successful marriage?

  21. How does dating online affect the further couple’s relationships in real life?

  22. The effects of the Internet piracy on the quality of media content.

  23. What are the effects of a strong friendship on one’s health?

  24. The effects of taking birth control on a country’s population.

  25. The effects of having a famous relative on a person’s private life.

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