Advanced Strategies For Creating An Excellent Argumentative Synthesis Essay

Writing an argumentative synthesis essay, you should aim to provide well-chosen details about a given point of view. Students often get an assignment to support a particular side of the argument developed by someone else. However, you may also be able to choose a side, So, your main task is to clearly present the argument, analyze it, and select persuasive evidence to support it. You can use the strategies and tips to compose an excellent paper.

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Writing Your Argumentative Synthesis Essay: Things to Avoid

There are several important don’ts that you should avoid in order to compose a strong argumentative synthesis essay. First, you should select the side that you stand on the argument and do not write much about the other side. Your position should be clear throughout the text.

Second, avoid writing about everything in detail. Instead, prepare an outline to focus your main ideas and organize the information that you have. Usually, it makes sense to provide some background information about the argument so that your readers will understand what it is all about.

Thirdly, it is important to ensure that the provided facts and evidence make a good connection with your thesis. It takes some time to find and describe the supporting details, so start as early as possible. Go to the school’s library and ask one of the librarians to help you find resources related to your study subject.

How to Organize Your Writing in an Effective Manner

You should read the requirements of your instructor carefully and ask questions if you have any before you start writing your assignment. The following advanced strategies will help you organize your paper in an effective manner:

  1. Use keywords in your title to focus your essay.

  2. Provide some background information on controversy to draw the attention of the audience.

  3. Create an effective transition from the introduction to the main body.

  4. Present your thesis statement.

  5. Draw parallels where possible to persuade your readers.

  6. Use various examples to support your position.

  7. Insert relevant quotations.

  8. Introduce the opposition and refute their argument.

  9. Summarize the main points of the paper and compose a strong conclusion.

  10. Compose a list of bibliography and insert all in-text citations.

It is recommended that you revise your essay, double-check the spelling, and format it in a proper manner. It is a good idea to ask your friend to look at your paper and provide you with comments and suggestions on how to make it more reader-friendly.

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