How To Come Up With Good Topics For An Expository Essay

Coming up with topics for your expository essay is not as difficult as you may think. The first step is to truly understand what the expository essay is all about. The expository essay is one which is informative and the intention of this particular assignment is to help you communicate information to your reader. But this information should share with them some sort of knowledge, ideas, or even instructions. This type of writing involves communicating information to them at a different level of understanding. This could mean that you simply describe information to your reader, you explain information to your reader, you clarify to your reader a certain process, or you evaluate information for your reader.

If you are trying to come up with great topics the key is to find something about what you are passionate or already knowledgeable. If you know the background to something or you find something particularly interesting it will be significantly easier for you to cover that topic. For example, if you know already how to build the perfect Tesla coil, that is something that most people don't know and you can use that information to create your expository paper exploring the step-by-step process required to create the perfect of the coil.

If you're having trouble coming up with some great topics consider the examples below but do remember that these are only intended to be a guide for you something from which you can generate topics and ideas that are much more applicable to you personally and your particular academic requirements:

  • You can explore changes you would make to your school lunches

  • You can explore your favorite animal and explain to the reader why it is your favorite

  • You can write about a day that was special to you and explain to read or why it was special

  • You can write to your reader the most important rules at your academic institution and why they are important.

  • You can explain to the reader why learning how to read and write are important

  • You can explore something you learned outside of your classroom and how learning that particular thing affected you in the long term

  • You can explore your current job and why it is a good job for you or perhaps what job you think would be much more ideal for you

  • You can write something which explains why you enjoyed a particular book that you just finished reading or a particular documentary you just finished watching

  • You can explore why your favorite place is in fact your favorite

  • You can explore what changes would need to be made in your academic institution and why they would improve your school

  • You can explain to your readers ways that they can improve the environment such as finding new ways to use otherwise discarded items
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