The Humanization of the Gods in the Iliad

Inherent characteristics are evident among the humans in the Iliad. These forces are linked to the force that is behind their actions. The gods simply act like the humans. This way, the humans enjoy exercising free will. In the text, gods have all the eccentricities and flaws as the mortals. Resulting from the behavior, there is the view that the gods are only in existent to explain human nature and its facets. In a way, the gods are seen to have influences on the humans. However, this is not due to how powerful they are but because they are just representatives of personality traits that are inherent in persons. Even in the smaller character, it is evident that gods are viewed as facets of the human nature. Examples are also available in the text that all the actions of heroes are out of free will and not because of the presence of divine power.

Human Actions of gods

In Iliad, throughout the text, Zeus, and other gods are human in several ways. The only difference depicted in the text between the gods and the human characters is that the humans are motor whereas the gods are immortal. Probably, these gods have been created in the text in a way that they explain human behavior. The gods have flaws and make mistakes just as the humans do. The gods, for example, are seen feasting together and with the humans in the text. The gods also get into conflicts with each other. Sometimes, even things get ugly when they get into arguments. There is an evident argument for example between Hera and Kronos. Zeus is seen to intervene in the efforts of peace restoration. Agamemnon and Achilles also represent arguments and quarrels in the society. They depict and show apparently, the happening of a society made of mortal beings. The gods also act and frustrate each other and these results to anger. Another example is Aphrodite being frustrated by Helen. The incident brings about human emotions and how badly they can react. This is also a depiction of internal conflicts among beings in mortal society.

Is there a difference between the gods and the humans?

Ultimately, gods in the text reason argue and fight, forgive in the same way as the humans. Therefore, they only represent human behavior in the society. However, even with these similarities, the gods still control the fates of the humans. Still, they act out of free will. They control their actions and behavior.

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