Race In College Admissions


The process of college admissions is overwhelming and exciting, yet, stressful. Students worldwide apply to colleges or universities during their last year of high school and this universal phenomenon of admissions has transformed into a race. Over the period of coming years, the total number of high school graduates is expected to shoot by 10% So, there will be a higher turnout of the applicants for the admissions process. This assignment discusses about the competition in this process.

Reasons for the Race:

The college admission process is really demanding and requires a series of steps to be taken which may include visits to the counselor to get unbiased advice, research about different colleges, writing of personal statements and submitting applications. Every school student has a dream university which he/she prioritizes to study from, after graduating from the high school.

However, it is not guaranteed to get admitted in the desired college because of the two major reasons. One is that many colleges have really high standards and merits for their selection process. Similarly, the degree of competitivess of a program also determines how strong an application must be. For example, it is more challenging to get admission in the Harvard Law School compared to other law schools. In addition to this, colleges and universities like MIT, Cambridge and Harvard School have very low acceptance rates. The other reason being the very large percentage of the applicants as can be inferred by the statistics. This further enhances the competition.


As a result, the consequences of this inevitable competition are dire I nature. Academic pressure builds up in the students’ lives which may also disturb their routine life. Students also overburden themselves with curricular and extra-curricular activities, to make their resume more appealing. The disappointing part is that they are not even interested in many of the activities they have opted for, but just want an edge over others. Thus, the academic life no longer remains to be an exciting, enlightening journey for the students. Furthermore, pressure from parents, friends, teachers and social circle stress up the applicants even more and is known to have severe negative impacts on the health.


It can be concluded that the college admission process should be taken as a healthy competition, well-handled by the students.

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