Ten Good Narrative Essay Topics For 9th Grade Students

Narrative writing requires the writer to develop a story and explain a personal experience to the audience using strong observation skills. If you have a passion for writing, you will love attempting this type of paper. Even if essay writing is not your favorite thing, you will find it fun to write an essay about a personal experience worth sharing.

When choosing a topic for your essay in narration, you should consider an event or a location that you clearly remember which is of significant value to you. Essay geek will help you in writing because you will have an interest as well as enough information to write the paper

Great ideas for writing a strong topic for a narrative essay in 9th grade

  1. What is the most unforgettable moment in your life? Why is it hard to forget? Describe what happened

  2. What is your favorite celebration of the year and why do you find it fascinating as compared to others

  3. What is the difference between weekends during primary school versus now, how would you compare a weekend you spent earlier with what you do now

  4. What is your favorite activity with your family during the summers? Why do you enjoy doing it and what particularly makes it special

  5. How did you attend a school assembly which makes you laugh even now, explain the things you did and the people involved in it

  6. Write a science fiction about spotting a UFO in the woods with your friends while playing hide and seek. Give details about how the space ship looked and what it contained. Describe with details to give a proper idea to your audience about the sounds, smells, sights and things you observed

  7. If you were to receive a special award, what would it be and how would receive it? Describe the speech you would give when you receive this award and who would you thank for it

  8. Suppose you go to a new place with your parents out of your country and get lost somehow, describe how the experience would look like, who would you meet and what would you do

  9. Imagine you meet your favorite sport celebrity, what would you do when you see them? How would you greet them? How would you spend the time with them? Explain the person and his appearance

  10. A day at the hill station

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