Top 24 Unique Ideas For Your Next Narrative Essay

Narrative essays are my all-time favorite. I have always been a big fan of writing in the first person and I have never had a problem with finding experiences and stories from my past to recount. However, I totally understand why the same might be the reverse for people of a more introverted nature for whom the prospect of revealing even a tiny little bit of information about themselves might feel akin to ripping their own eyes out.

Unfortunately, like it or not narrative essays are a rigid part of the academic curriculum and so, you might as well do your utmost to embrace the experience. Here’re my top 24 unique ideas for your next narrative essay:

  • A memorable event in your life – the experience could be good or bad.

  • The first time you failed your driving test.

  • Your first demonstration or political march

  • The first time you rebelled against your parents – what were the consequences?

  • A job interview that didn’t go according to plan

  • A unique or off the wall experience with your best friend

  • The first time that you realized that your parents/siblings/grandparents/next door neighbors were human.

  • The first time you questioned the humanity of mankind

  • The moment you became aware that there are people in the world that have a tougher deal than you.

  • The time you realized that you were free to make your own choices. The power of free will.

  • The first time you cooked a real meal and not just a microwaveable dinner.

  • The first time that you said “I love you” or “I hate you” to someone other than your mom or dad.

  • The moment that you don’t have to walk down the street naked in order to get noticed

  • The time you realized that the police are actually on your side/not on your side

  • A caravan holiday

  • The package holiday from hell

  • The time you realized that the world isn’t as big as you thought

  • The feeling that you get when wearing your favorite perfume

  • The feeling that you get when snuggled down in bed with a good book

  • The feeling that eating chocolate gives you

  • The first time that you ate so much that you made yourself sick

  • The love that you have for your pet

  • The countdown to a holiday/vacation

  • The feeling when your credit card is declined at a store

Feel free to expand upon my ideas!

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