Selecting Winning Expository Essay Topics About History

Your college professor or history teacher has left you with the consummate summer assignment to do during your recess. He has left it to you to come up with something original to say about what has been covered during the past semester. He has already challenged you to deliver an A Plus paper.

What’s your history?

What stimulates your thought processes right now? What matters to you the most? And what is everybody else talking about right now? Invariably, no matter what the subject, it is somehow related to your past.

  • You could begin with the Constitution and the document of our founding fathers.
  • You might inquire about Abraham Lincoln’s own response to the bill of rights.

What to write about

You will see that what is happening around us today has a direct bearing on how our past and the sacrifices that were made by our ancestors have shaped how our legislators and governors, from local level up to the Supreme Court of Justice, respond to history.

Can you see the overriding theme of the pursuit of happiness taking shape in your mind-mapping exercises?

How far back should you go?

  • Correlate the founding principles of our nationhood with that of the French Revolution, the evolution of a constitutional monarchy in the British Empire and the Freedom Charter drawn up during South Africa’s apartheid years.
  • Examine the critical twenty or more years between the end of the Second World War and the end of the Vietnam War.

How to write an original academic essay

Your best work will be well-informed by thorough research and close readings of numerous suggested texts. The length of these texts is not important. Rather, it is the scope of the material. When writing the final paper, always conform to laid down academic principles. Keep the tone of your writing formal and informative, but without reverting to colloquial language and over-writing the paper with jargon.

You can still make your mark while being objective

Right now, you are allowed to have strong feelings about some topics.

  • The epidemic of racism sweeping the country.
  • The decision to allow men and women to enjoy the right to same-sex marriage.
  • You should have your own thoughts on the caliber of candidates lining up to contest the next Presidential Election.

But restrain your emotions and avoid making sweeping statements. Qualify your objective writing with appropriate case studies and related historical tropes.

In the end, your winning history exposition will be clearly thought out and well researched. More importantly, it will be original in presentation, and your objectivity will be closely aligned with a coherent list of references.

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