Composing a Strong Reflective Essay on Life of Pi

A reflective essay takes a moment or a series of events and draws lessons from the things that happen within a novel. The characters will reflect on what ahs happened to hem in the story and the writer will compose a piece about these lessons.

In the novel, The Life of Pi, by Yann Martel, the main character Pi is faced with a series of conflicts, unusual adventures, triumphs, and failures. He, after a horrible storm and his parents’ death, is on a lifeboat alone with a Bengal tiger that goes by the name of Richard. They are left without any livelihood. If assigned a reflective essay on this novel, you should use our tips on composing a strong one. Use our tips and hints.

Tips and Hints on Composing a Strong Reflective Essay

  • Read the novel by Yann Martel. It is way too complex for you to try to pretend that you have read it. Your teacher will know that you are trying to fake it if you do not read it.

  • Look for the topic of survival and what it means. Use a reflective tone and look at Pi’s efforts for survival.

  • Do not get bogged down in details. The story has an overabundance of details and odd animals. Do not get so locked into re-telling the story that you forget your job is a reflection.

  • You could also ponder what communication is to different people. Look at how the main character is able to communicate with the different characters, especially Richard the tiger.

  • Use quotes from the novel for support. You cannot simply say that the characters learned to trust, you need to show through quotes and actions from the story that they learned how to trust each other.

  • Discuss the importance of religion to the main character in the novel. A great pondering of what religion means to him will make for a strong essay on this piece.

  • Look at what other writers, such as literary critics, are saying about the novel The Life of Pi. If what they are saying supports what you have expressed, you can use that in your composition.

  • Composing your strong reflective essay on The Life of Pi will require you to ponder about the lessons, and tell what you have discovered without sounding like you are preaching. The delivery needs to be smooth and academic.

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