Practical Tips For Composing A Problem Solution Essay On Technology

Problem-solution essays are quickly becoming favorites for teachers to assign. The fact that these require students to learn about a topic and then think about solving a problem makes these attractive to teachers. Since there are plenty of situations relating to technology, this topic is perfect for a problem-solution essay. Here are some tips to help you complete your essay about technology:

  • Pick a relevant technology and issue: The best way to write a good paper is to choose a timely topic that you want to understand better. Students know about smartphones, apps, and video games. There are plenty of issues that need to be solved with all of these technologies. If these seem to obvious to you, there is nothing wrong with learning about a different technology and the issues related to it.

  • Write an argumentative thesis: In order to keep your paper focused, you will need to create a high quality thesis that shows the situation and the answer. For example you could write about the problem of students using cellphones in class and the fix you propose. The reader should be able to easily recognize the thesis, so put it at the end of the introduction paragraph. Do not label the sentence, just be sure that it is clearly written and properly placed.

  • Clearly describe the problem: Before you can propose a fix, you need to explain the issue. If you are writing about cellphones in the classroom, you can write about how students are easily distracted and how teachers do not know how to make them a part of the class. It is helpful to have some experts to back you up, so you might need to use articles and sources to show that the problem does not just exist at your school. Otherwise, you could interview teachers and students in your school to clearly show the situation.

  • Pick a realistic solution: Students fail at the problem-solution essay when they create solutions that could never be implemented. If you are writing about cellphones in the classroom, it is not realistic to completely ban them, because they are a real part of our society today. What is realistic is providing training to teachers so they know how to use them for academic reasons and for students to know how to use them responsibly in the classroom. Once you propose the fix, you should give some ideas on implementation.

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