Religion During Crisis

Religion is one of the many things that influence the lives of the people. There are a number of religions in the world today. Different religions have got different roles to the people that believe in it and to the rest of the world. All religions have got their own principles to and they follow them in their doings. Human beings are a weak creation. They will thus need and require a place they can cling on to when they feel stressed or in want. Religion is the most common place that people run to when they face distress. They expect to find answers, comfort, love and peace in religion. It is important to note that it is not only the believers that turn to the church during time of crisis. Many people will turn to religion when weak.

Influence of religion on the country

As said earlier all religions have their own principles that govern their roles. Different religions will thus have different influences on the countries. The nature of influence will also depend on the nation itself. In most nations, political leaders are believed to have the power to sway people and make them lean to their ideas. However how true this is, the church has got its own influence. Religion has an obligation to perform to the people. Religion leaders are supposed to give their own views of things and in turn influence people on the path to take. In most issues, religion through leaders should give guidance on the right path to take. Politicians may have their followers but the church still got those that believe in it. Political leaders are therefore not left as the sole players in matters that appertain to the people interests.

During War

Religion is does not support war. In the event of war, most people seek refuge in the religious places like temples, churches and mosques. These places are considered as safe places. Religion also helps nations during the time of natural disasters. They offer places for people to stay and at times give food and other basic needs to the people in crisis. Religion is also required to offer advice in times of social crisis. Religious leaders are required to offer advice to those people that are undergoing through emotional stress. By now you see the different types of crisis that human beings find themselves in. It is the role of the religion to make sure that people are not affected by some things.

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