Industrialization In The US

The United States is still advancing in industrialization. It is one economy that is characterized by industrialization in the world. Industrialization has seen the US into an era of fame, greatness and prosperity. It is where there are many ongoing inventions. It is known for inventions of personal computers, supermarkets, air conditioners, cell phones just to mention a few. All the sectors including education, transport, trade, agriculture, and communication are all advancing at the positive rate. Inventions, creativity, and positivity, are the elements of industrialization in the US. Advancement in modern and high-level technology is reason industrialization in the United States is higher compared to most other areas in the world.

Positive Impacts of Industrialization in the US

Job creation in major industries has seen most people employed and thus receiving good salaries. Administrative and managerial posts in the industries and factories are well paying for employees. This is a positive impact that has led to increased income. The economy of the United States is good and is better than most other economies in the world. Foreign exchange for the trade of exports of goods of high quality earns the country a lot of currencies. It is also positive that due to the industrialization, a lot of sectors have benefited. The transport sector, for example, has been expanded to ease transport of commodities. The agricultural sector has also gained improvements due to the increase in demand for agricultural products from the industries. More inventions have also come up with increased industrialization. The invention of technology that is more advanced is on the rise in the United States. Communication methods and channels have also improved because of industrialization.

Negative Impacts of Industrialization in the US

Although industrialization in United State has positively changed the economy and the lives of the people, it has some negative impacts. The increase in factories and industries is majorly in towns or rural areas. The fact has increased the migration of most people to the areas in search of jobs. These areas, as a result, become overcrowded and with other health issues concern including coming up of dirty, polluted neighborhoods. Environmental pollution in the United States remains an issue as a result of the increased industrial development. Most areas with industries, therefore, constitute of unhealthy polluted air. Exploitation in workplaces is also an issue. People are paid lowly as they need the jobs. Living conditions for such employees are thus poor.

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