How To Compose A Compare And Contrast Essay: Tips For Medical Students

Medical students know that they are dealing with an extremely delicate issue on a daily basis: life itself. Even minor errors or display of negligence may lead to severe complications and ultimately result in loss of a life.

Process of preparation

They are prepared for their eventual vocation through compacting theories and resolute practical processes. Compare and contrast essays are a part of their education. Here is how they should compose them in order.

Say, the topic is: Compare and contrast the treatment and care of geriatrics vis-à-vis terminal patients

  • Now, the first paragraph of the essay will be about how both these factions require typical and compassionate care. You need to define the issues that geriatrics (old patients) and terminally ill patients bring to the stretcher. You need to be determinate and descriptive in presenting the two folds.

  • The second paragraph will be about how geriatric patients have to be cared against falls and handled delicately. How they have the tendency to be frustrated and rude; and how they need to be made comfortable in their beds. How you need to show warmth and understanding towards their cases and lend them an ear.

  • The third essay paragraph will likewise bring the psychological counseling of terminally ill patients. How they need to be asserted the need to take their medicines in time, either in hospital or at home. How you have to impress upon them that all is not lost and they are getting better with treatment. How they need to be freed from floss and frustration at all levels.

  • The fourth essay paragraph will usher the similarity and differences. How they are both near the life’s horizon. How they need ultimate care and due attention; how they cannot mess up with the dosage and daily check-ups. The difference is too obvious to need mentioning.

  • The fifth essay paragraph will suggest how terminally ill patients clearly require greater discretion in treatment and care than the geriatrics. It may also suggest cathartic ways to make all terminally ill patients and aged patients comfortable in their skin. After all, disease is just a symptom the body, not the mind.

  • The general structure

    This is the general structure of a compare and contrast essay for medical students; no matter what the topic is. You need to be alert and understanding of the topic’s entities. You need to infuse passion and bite in your writing style. You need to be methodical as this is a medical write-up.

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