Where Can I Find A Well-Written Example Of A One-Page Essay

Essay writing is an interesting and fun filled task due to several reasons. A writer would love to create an essay on his favorite subject because he will then get a chance to express his opinions and thoughts on a certain issue that he always wanted to address. This is an opportunity to show your writing skills as well as convey your message to the target audience by arranging it in form of a winning assignment. Different individuals tackle these assignments differently. Some start writing the first draft and then edit it afterward by carrying out research and inserting relevant facts and data in to the rough sketch. Others may prefer to spend excessive time in research and planning and write only after they have enough data to create the paper. Some people start writing the introduction first while others rephrase the introduction after completing the entire assignment. This depends upon the subject, preferences, timeline, and the style of the individual

If you are to write a winning one-page essay for your school, the first question you should ask yourself is whether you are familiar with this type of assignment. Are you comfortable in attempting the paper without any search or do you need to look at certain expert papers in this field? You should also check your motivation level and productivity to write this paper because you cannot complete an impressive assignment without having enough interest. If you are new to this type of assignment and do not know how to proceed, then you should consider looking at an example

Examples are a great way to learn because they teach the students practically what they should do. It is helpful because you can see the structure, tone, style, approach and the format you have to follow. The basic format stays the same where you create a first section for introducing your topic, the second section for the body paragraphs and the final section for conclusion. If you are not sure how to restrict yourself to the given word count and write a precise paper, then you should find a relevant example. It is better to check more than a few examples so that you have options to choose from

  1. Look at the internet by using the right keywords for finding a good example

  2. Read papers written by expert writers found in the library

  3. Ask a friend to lend you their assignment

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