How To Make Your One-Page Personal Essay Stand Out

A personal essay is a narration about a particular event in your life. It’s called to emphasize the experience that you have received after this event. This narration is a kind of reflection, a written memory. There are several essential steps you should take to make your personal essay stand out. Keep them in mind to make your project really bright and catchy, especially if you need to put it all into only one page.

  • Choose an interesting topic.
  • If you have no particular demands to the subject, look through your diary and find an event that has made you feel really excited, that has changed your world outlook. If you have never had a diary, look through old pictures, do some brainstorming, recall events that were important for your development.

  • Gather details into one basket.
  • Think carefully about the things you are going to tell in your personal essay. Remember about the one-page format that should be observed. Start writing a draft and put down all ideas that occur to you during the first five to ten minutes. Think about the reasons why the topic makes you feel excited, why it’s important for you, or why you think that it can be interesting for other people.

  • Think about emotions.
  • What do you want the emotional pattern of your personal essay to be? What do you want your readers to feel? Think about words, phrases and other methods of expression that could create the desirable picture.

  • Write a draft.
  • This text can be bigger than the one-page format, it doesn’t matter. Your goal is to feel everything that you are writing, to let it go through your mind and soul. You need to grab readers’ attention, to make them feel interested and excited with your experience. The introduction should be attractive enough to make readers keep on reading. Give it enough attention.

  • Check and rewrite the draft.
  • Give special attention to your style. Make sure that it’s interesting for readers and can express the specifics of the situation. However, keep in mind that your personal essay is still a piece of academic writing, so there is no place for excess informality. Check how smoothly one idea flows into another one, and how well parts of your paper are connected. Make sure that your text contains bright, catchy, appropriate descriptions of objects and personalities.

  • Check and double-check the text.
  • Make sure that there are no spelling and grammar mistakes in your one-page essay before you submit it.

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