Military Drones

The priority and value of people has changed in the last previous years. However, the need for security has remained unaltered despite the costs involved. Though nations have made attempts to keep peace with each other, this has not been successful yet. Therefore, every nation does everything possible at its power to preserve the safety of its people. As a result, scientists with the help of technology have develops drones. Through the press of a button, drones are killing many people in this century. The legality of drones has raised serious debates around the globe. Though some nations support the drone strikes, most of nations are firmly against it due to various considerable reasons. The legitimacy of the use of drones has remained the head cracking question all over the world.

Invention of Military Drones

Most innocent peoples are killed around the globe through drone strikes. Despite these mass killings, drone technology is drastically growing. The Yugoslav conflicts saw the first use of the drones, however, during the Afghanistan war; the use of drone strikes was intensified. The drone strikes killed not only the militants but also the noncombatants. Moreover, statistics shows that, since president Obama took reign in America, about forty one times, drone strikes have been witnessed in Pakistan leaving over four hundred and fifty people dead. This is a huge rate of mortality. Actually, drone strikes leads to more loss to innocent citizens compared to damage caused to militants. As a result of this, the strikes by drones are pausing huge risk to human life.

Consequences of Military Drones

Moreover, drones cause severe effects on areas where they strike. As well, the operators of the drones, though not actually in the battle field, they suffer of conflict-zone trauma, which makes them fill guilty of shedding innocent bloods and causing mass deaths. To make the matter worse, the strike by drones are controlled by computer software systems. With the present technological knowledge, these military systems can be hacked by the militant groups and take control of the operations drones for their personal gain. Because of this, drones should not be made use of in keeping the peace of the world.

However, drones far much cheaper compared to any other military weapons. In fact, the cost incurred to acquire a drone is cheaper than manned aircraft. This helps the government to reduce expenditure on military weapons. Nevertheless, this is quite a superficial thinking. Though drones are moderately cheaper, they require professional training to operate them, which is likely to soar up the cost. Despite the advantages of drones, its overwhelming consequences cannot be overlooked. Therefore, drones should not be legitimate weapon for keeping peace in the world.

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