Laziness is a condition that a person is unable to do something, not because he or she has no ability to do it, but because of unwilling and psychologically unprepared. However, laziness should not be confused with tiredness, mental disorder or schizophrenia, although there are few similar character trait associated with each. Everybody at one time or another has experienced laziness in his or her life, though it might not be possible to notice that you are lazy since nobody wants to be associated with laziness.

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Effects of Laziness

Many people fail in their life not because they were unable to succeed but due to laziness. In fact, laziness is associated with poverty and all sort of evil. People have become so lazy to extend that they are unable to prepare their food. It is due to laziness that most fast foods restaurants are developing around the globe.

However, the effects can be clearly seen as the rate of obese people keep on growing every single day. Similarly, obese relate deaths which were uncommon in ancient days are often report every single day. The big question has remained, what is the reason behind the growing rate of laziness?

Causes of Laziness

Actually, most individuals are not intrinsically lazy, although they are viewed to be lazy since they are doing nothing for their life or the welfare of the society. However, the case might be so different with majority since they have not yet found what they want to participate in or they are hindered from doing it by one factor or the other. For instance, some jobs require levels of specialization or demands high capital to begin, and therefore hinders the individuals from doing them.

Technology is good for human life and has played a very significant role in human development. However, on the other hand, technology is making people too lazy to do anything without the help of the technology. Most people are unable even to do the simple calculations without the help of calculator, not be they are not able but because they are unwilling and unprepared psychologically to handle it. In fact, with the look of things at the present, technology will make the future generations too lazy to do anything on their own.

Hopelessness and fear makes an individual to have low self-esteem and feel uncomfortable with success. In fact, most orphans and children from poor family background do not have the courage to face life with enthusiastic and therefore, they find laziness as means of sabotaging themselves.

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