Composing A Strong Essay On Domestic Violence In India

Sadly, domestic violence is a reality for men and women all over the world. When people live in poverty, they are more likely to lash out against people they love. India is a country with great wealth and great poverty. It is also a country that has household violence, despite the fact that there are many people who practice a religion that preaches non-violence. This makes India an interesting country to study, especially when it comes to domestic issues. Here are some tips to help you complete your essay about domestic violence in the subcontinent:

  • Research religion in India: There are several different religions that are practiced in India. Some of the most common are Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. When you look at the major religions in the country, look at their stances on violence. The subcontinent was the birthplace of many major religions, so you will see that Indians take their faith seriously. You can use the information that you learn about religion in the country in your essay.

  • Investigate domestic violence statistics: After looking into the different religions, look into the numbers of people who have committed violence in their homes. Look at where they live, what religion they practice, and what their income levels are. Hopefully, you will see a common thread in the statistics you see. If you do not see a common thread, that can also lead you into an strong argument.

  • Craft the thesis: Hopefully, you will see some connections between the information you find so you can build a strong thesis. This sentence will be the main idea of your paper, and will show what you want to prove about this horrible issue in the subcontinent. Maybe you will see that domestic violence can be solved by initiating people into these different religions. Maybe you will see that poverty has nothing to do with this issue in India. Maybe you will see that it is an issue that runs in families.

  • Include top sources: When you write your paragraphs, remember to include topic sentence that refer back to your thesis. Then, support those topic sentence with top sources. As you alternate between examples and explanations, include sources and their citations. You are trying to prove a point and the only way to do it is by sharing the explanations from the people who are experts. Without sources, you are just a student without a degree.

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