Electronic Music

Music is one of the most influential components in the world today. In fact, music plays significant roles in influencing human behavior and practices. Electronic music refers to all types of music played or produced through electronic devices. The twenty-first century is a century of technology whereby everything is done through the use of technology. Technology has brought about electronic devices which are used to play music in the modern world. Electronic music involves various forms and speed. Some forms of electronic music involve house, jungle, techno and trance. Jungle music involves “break” or rap that is mixed and sped up with various sounds. Techno and jungle are almost similar although techno tends to be harder and involves more whistles and horn sounds compared to jungle. However, all these forms of music are produced with the help of electronic devices. In fact, it is impossible to use trumpet to produce house music and thus electronic devices such as computer, turntables, a synthesizer or sampler are very significant in producing electronic music.

History of Electronic Music

The history of electronic music dates back in early twentieth century but it was until nineteen seventies when electronic music began to be famously known. The first electronic music was produced by the Italian futurist manifesto group in the twentieth century. The group developed machines and sound boxes, which has led to development of sound sirens, whistles and horns. The system paved way for the modern techno music. Actually, the system offered Djs with that tool they required to mix sounds to produce top music. After the development of the sound boxes, two composers, Pierre Henry and Pierre Schaeffer developed sampling; generating a new sound or song and taking sounds of recorded clips. Meanwhile, other composers began to develop sophisticated form of electronic music. This was the begging of the modern electronic music in the world today.

Significance of Electronic Music

The development of electronic devices such keyboards, samplers, synthesizers, turntables and even computers are the backbone of the modern electronic music. A synthesizer is a kind of keyboard which imitates sounds of various music instruments. Samplers or sequencer are machines which are used to produce various drum beats. The use of electronic devices in music has made music lively, interesting and even more influential. Electronic music is like therapy to the life of people. Further, electronic has added that aspect of music which lacked in analog music. Especially with the modern technological generation whereby everything is done through technology, electronic music plays significant role in entertainment sectors.

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