How To Compose A Winning Introduction For An Essay About Zora Neale Hurston ?

Zora Neale Hurston is a famous Negro American anthropologist, folklorist and a writer. There are four remarkable masterpieces composed by Hurston. She jotted down over 50 short stories and essays in forms of books. Her best novel entitled ‘Their Eyes Were Watching God’ is well known to million fans who honor this female writer for magnificent contribution. While writing an introduction on Zora Hurston, you must state the literary achievement of this renowned writer precisely. Through the presentation of the thesis statement, you should attract readers to read the content willfully. The introductory part must be a navigation map to guide readers to understand the central themes delivered in the content.

Main Points to Write Introduction on Zora Neals Hurston

  • The thesis statement must be written

  • Main points should be clearly explained with precision

  • Use short transitional phrases for link-up

  • Omit unnecessary figures of speech and hyperboles

  • T he introductory section must be impressive to insist readers for more researches to have unknown facts.

Content Precision- Must

Introduction of the content should not be exhaustive for readers to read the content. Therefore, to energize the audience, reduce the tension by narrowing down the content strategically. All new theories and central themes must be mentioned in the shape of précised format or summary. However, obscurity should be discarded.

Evaluate Zora’s Literary Works in Introduction Precisely

Zora decided to start her literary career while settling in Eatonville in Florida. This place tempted her. She wrote many short stories regarding the Negro communities in America. She stated that Eatonville was the lighthouse for her as she found amicable ambience to live with African American communities independently. Her brilliant novels and short stories prioritize the importance of liberty of Negro communities for the enrichment of culture, literature and science In the first paragraph, precisely describe her objectives through the thesis statement. Explain why this female scholar is famous as a libertarian in the world. Later in remaining paragraph, illustrate her salient characteristics and various positive sides of her novels to educate Negro communities.

The introduction must not be distorted misleading readers. The flawless content in the introduction should be original. In 1925, Harlem renaissance was glossy in New York inspiring many African American writers to change their ideas to invent new theories. Hurston is the maverick female writer who was influenced by Harlem Renaissance. So give brief details about her contribution during Harlem Renaissance. Many thinking tanks and critics claim that during this peak hour, Hurston introduced a new type of African American fiction dialect to change the pattern of the dialogue presentation in her novels. Her experiments on this innovative fiction dialect can be broached up in few lines when you compose the introduction. To know about professional life of Hurston, get help online to collect photocopies of her short stories, biography and many write-ups projecting her professional world.

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