Main Rules For Crafting A 4th Grade Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay is all about getting your voice heard. It will be no sweat if you know the rules. This article will help you have the best essay that you can be confident about.

Rule #1 An Argument Equals to Likes?

You got it right. When your teacher assigns you this assignent, the first thing you should think about is what you like or what you dislike about the topic. Don’t be afraid to be a “dislike.” Whatever you want to point out about the topic, you should be able to support your ideas well. If you truly believe the book wasn’t written well, or the actors of a movie did not persuade you, you can still have strong ideas that can support your belief. Always remember: A good work is based on what you believe in.

Rule #2 An Argument Equals to Status

After reflecting on your likes and dislikes, you ought to think: What can I say now about my belief? Your belief will be like your status. It will be your proposal that you have to make your readers want to like or dislike to. Here are some sample statuses:

  • I believe his speech was brilliant because he described his life’s struggles to inspire others.

  • I believe her acting made the movie unattractive because she failed to deliver her lines well.

  • I believe the movie was focused more on friendship rather than history because it showed a lot of scenes of bonding moments.

Rule #3 An Argument Equals to Shares

As a writer, you should ask yourself: What do I want to share to my readers? Make sure your answer is in the first and last paragraphs. In the body of your piece, give details about the topic that prove or support your argument. It can be the movie’s scenes, the character’s choices, or the person’s actions in history.

Rule #4 An Argument Equates to Publishing

Think that you would really publish your work in a newspaper or online. You should clean up your piece before publishing. There are several ways to clean your work like:

  • Check your capitalization

  • Check for grammar errors

  • Check point of view. Example: Using “I, me, my.”

A good argumentative essay should make readers want to agree with your point. It should show clearly what you believe in. It should also be something you’d want to share and be clean enough to publish.

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